2011 Events

Tracking Our Huguenot Ancestors – November 12th, 2011.

A special event for members took place on Saturday, November 12th 2011.  Four speakers addressed the audience on topics relating to ‘Tracking Our Huguenot Ancestors’.

The first speaker, Dr. Raymond Refaussé, Librarian and Archivist at the RCB Library in Dublin shared information about the extensive archive of Huguenot material that is held in the library and gave details of how this wealth of information can be accessed by members and by the public generally. This lively talk included a reminder about the Huguenot Family Archive to which we are all welcome to contribute. Dr. Refaussé also offered our members special, insider-tips on accessing the building itself!

Next we were treated to a wonderful presentation by Ciara Brett, Archaeologist with Cork City Council. With the help of a fascinating series of photographs, maps and diagrams, Ciara described the story and process of restoring the Huguenot Graveyard at Carey’s Lane in Cork.

This website was the topic for the next speaker – Vicky La Touche-Price – who introduced the new Irish Section website to the members present and reminded one and all that this is our website, for us to add to and to grow for the benefit of all members in the months and years to come.

Finally, Annette Camier took to the podium and shared the wonderful story of James Tabaret, the Huguenot craftsman responsible for the exceptionally fine wood carvings in the baroque-style chapel of the Royal Hospital. Following Annette’s fascinating introduction, the members moved to the chapel to witness the spectacular carvings for themselves and to marvel at the talent and skill of this surprisingly lesser-known Huguenot craftsman.

The event ended at the restaurant in the Royal Hospital where members discussed the morning’s varied presentations and enjoyed an excellent lunch in convivial company.

Elizabeth Bicker (Hon. Sec.) and Jane McKee (Chair) are to be thanked for preparing a wonderful line-up of speakers and delivering a thoroughly enjoyable event for all present. The Royal Hospital in Kilmainham proved to be an excellent venue for our event and we thank them also for kindly allowing us to meet in such beautiful surroundings. www.rhk.ie


Annual Huguenot Service – St. Patrick’s Cathedral, October 2nd, 2011.

Our Annual Huguenot Service in 2011 took place in October at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The address was given by Jean-Paul Pittion at and was very much appreciated by the congregation.  A transcript of M. Pittion’s address may be read here.  Following the service, members enjoyed afternoon tea and cakes at the school hall opposite the cathedral.  Our thanks as always to Elizabeth Bicker for organising this key event in our annual schedule for the Huguenot Society in Ireland.


Huguenot Seminar – May 27th, 2011.

A research seminar was held in Marsh’s Library, Dublin on Friday 27th May 2011. Five researchers participated and the Committee was particularly pleased that the speakers included three postgraduate researchers currently working in Ireland on Huguenot topics. Allison Neill-Rabaux looked at the use of continental European material in Ireland’s first critical review, A Literary Journal, edited by Jean-Pierre Droz, minister of the French church of St Patrick’s; Marie Léoutre, whose research focuses on Henri de Ruvigny, Earl of Galway, spoke on Huguenot involvement in the War of the Spanish Succession (1702-1713), and Cormac Chesser discussed the methodologies considered and used in his research into Dublin Huguenot congregations. Other speakers were Randolph Vigne, whose paper assessed the success of planned Huguenot migrations to Ireland and Jane McKee who examined the theme of assimilation in the career of Pierre Drelincourt, Dean of Armagh (1691-1722).

The AGM of the Irish Section took place before the seminar which was universally deemed a great success. The organisers are very grateful to the speakers and participants and also to Dr Muriel McCarthy, Ann Simmons and everyone at Marsh’s Library whose facilities and welcome made a considerable contribution to the success of the event.