About Us – ‘The Irish Section’

A large number of Huguenot Societies have been established around the world to further interest in the Huguenots and to keep their story alive.
The Irish Section of the ‘Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland’ was set up in 1987 to collect information about – and to further interest in – Huguenots and their history – and in particular, the history of those who took refuge in Ireland.

What we do

The Irish Section arranges a programme of events each year, holding lectures, seminars, walks and visits to Huguenot-related venues. Regular Newsletters are also issued to members and our Annual General Meeting is held each year around May/June. Members of the Irish Section also receive a copy of the The Huguenot Society Journal and other Huguenot-related materials which are produced in London for the wider membership of the ‘Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland’.


The Members of your Irish Section Committee (2021 – 2022) are:

Marie Leoutre (Chair)
Tommy Barr (Acting Hon Secretary)
Anne Cobine (Hon Treasurer)
Vicky La Touche-Price (Website)
Pat Mercer
Geoff Bicker
Jane McKee
Ken Ryan
Eugenie Carr
Albert Fenton
Martin Bernon

If you are a member and would like to join the committee, please let Tommy Barr know and then your name will be proposed at the next AGM. We’d love to have a few more volunteers – so please do think about it.

Privacy Policy

We hold Personal Data of our Members for the legitimate purpose of providing them with the benefits of membership.  This includes contacting them with updates about the events and activities of the Huguenot Society and about their subscription to the Irish Section of the Huguenot Society.  We share Member details with our parent organisation, The Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland, for the same purposes.

We make every effort to ensure the safety and security of our Members’ data.  Any Member may write to us at huguenotsociety@hotmail.com to request that we change, update or remove their data from our mailing lists at any time.  While we are staffed by volunteer members, we do endeavour to ensure that any such requests are responded to within a reasonable time-frame.

The Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland publishes a book from time to time  that includes Members’ Personal Data.  Prior to publication, they contact Members to ask for their permission to include their Personal Data in that publication.


A Huguenot Service is held annually at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin in memory of the many Huguenot refugees and their descendants who worshipped there and in other churches around the country.

This website and the printed information leaflet ‘The Huguenots in Ireland’ is provided by the Irish Section.

A Huguenot Family Archive has been set up in Dublin where members may deposit material related to their own Huguenot Ancestors so that it may be made available to researchers and the public generally. Visit the Huguenot Family Archive section of this website for more information.

Anyone with an interest in Huguenots and specifically, Irish Huguenots, is welcome to join.

Join the Irish Section of the Society.