Genealogical Resources

If you believe you may have Huguenot ancestry, here are some places to visit where you can find out more about your own family’s history in Ireland.
The National Archives at Bishop Street in Dublin. (A genealogical advisory service is available here.)
Marsh’s Library at St. Patrick’s Close, Dublin 2.
The Genealogical Office in the Manuscripts section of the National Library, 2 Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
Representative Church Body Library, Braemor Road, Churchtown, Dublin 14.
Church of Ireland records (2nd ed., Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2006). This publication, written by the Librarian and Archivist of the Church of Ireland, Dr Raymond Refaussé, offers an introduction to the archives and manuscripts of the Church of Ireland and can be purchased through
Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, 2 Titanic Boulevard, Titanic Quarter, Belfast BT3 9HQ.
General Register for Births Marriages & Deaths. This is based in Roscommon and the website is However, a genealogical family history research facility is maintained in Dublin at the 3rd floor of Block 7, Irish Life Centre on Lower Abbey Street in Dublin 1. See
Note: Since civil registration did not begin in Ireland until the mid 1800s, this register is suitable only for researching your more recent ancestors in order to build the links back to your original Huguenot immigrant ancestor.
Researching Huguenot Settlers in Ireland This comprehensive guide by Vivien Costello is available to download free from the Brigham Young University online family history journal: BYU Family Historian Vol 6 (Fall 2007), pp. 83-163. Once you’ve arrived at the journal, use the browse function on the right of the page to locate Vol 6.
Irish Huguenot registers are included on CD-ROM no.4, which can be purchased from The Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland This includes the following records:

  • Registers of the French Conformed Churches at St Patrick & St Mary, Dublin
  • Registers of the French Nonconformist Churches, Dublin
  • Register of the French Church, Portarlington, Ireland
  • Lists of Huguenot Pensioners in Ireland