Irish Huguenot Archive

The Representative Church Body Library at Churchtown in Dublin has been the home for the Irish Huguenot Archive since its establishment in 1993 by the Irish Section of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

The collection consists of most of the publications of the Huguenot Society of London and its successor, the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland. It also houses a large miscellaneous body of printed and manuscript material mostly relating to the Huguenot presence in Ireland. The archive seeks to acquire any printed and manuscript material relating to the Huguenot refuge in Ireland.

The Irish ‘Huguenot Family Archive’, which consists of documents submitted by members of the Irish Society relating to their own families, is also housed here. For information about submitting your own family archive documents, click here.

A publication, written by the Librarian and Archivist of the Church of Ireland, Dr Raymond Refaussé, offers an introduction to the archives and manuscripts of the Church of Ireland. The publication is called: Church of Ireland records (2nd ed., Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2006) and is available from

Books, pamphlets and manuscripts in the collection may be consulted in the Library reading room during the normal opening hours (9.30am-1pm and 2pm-5pm Monday to Friday).

Irish Huguenot Library
Representative Church Body Library
Braemor Park
Dublin 14Telephone: (+353 1) 4923979
Fax: (+353 1) 4924770

The library is situated some four miles to the South of Dublin City Centre and may be reached by the No.14 bus from D’Olier Street in the City Centre. The library is opposite 33 Braemor Park and car parking is available in the Library forecourt.
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